MTN Double Data Bonus Activation Via SMS

For people like me who enjoyed this plan when it was still hard to get because you must analyze and tweak the IMEI of your phone to that of a supported device in order to be eligible for the data bonus offer. Fortunately for those who may not have been able to make use of the bonus data either because they weren’t able to analyze an unused and valid IMEI number or couldn’t tweak the IMEI on their phone due to it not been rooted or some other reason, now there’s a simpler method that doesn’t require imei tweak to work.

The requirements for eligibility on this bonus data plan is yet to be fully understood, however, it has been noticed that not all SIMs are eligible for the offer even after following the procedure correctly and sending the right messages.

You shouldn’t also bother activating this plan on a SIM you’ve used to enjoy it when it was only acquirable through imei tweak.

How To Subscribe for MTN Double Data Plan via SMS

Send the SMS commands below in the order they are arranged, you should receive either two or three replies after sending all the commands, though it is advisable for you to wait until you’ve received the reply for the first command before going ahead to send the second and third.

Send these SMS commands to 131 with your MTN SIM

1. DOUBLE to 131
2. PROMO to 131
3. FREE to 131

The last reply you would receive after sending the last command should be:

“Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#”

MTN data bonus

If you received that reply it means you are eligible and can now enjoy the 100% data bonus on any MTN Data plan you purchase through the *131*1# shortcode.

It is advisable that you test to confirm if the trick is really working by subscribing for a cheap daily data bundle and check if you were given the 100% bonus. You can subscribe to an eligible data plan by dialing *131*1#, you can also check your data balance by sending 2 to 131 or dial *559*4# to check your data bonus balance.

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