Why Osun sealed banks, schools, others – OIRS Ag. Chair, Bicci Alli

The failure of some commercial banks, privately-owned higher institution of learning and other business concern to pay taxes due to the state government has caused tax authorities of the Osun state government to shut-down those organisations.

Speaking on Monday after a series of enforcement, Chairman of the Osun Internal Revenue Service, OIRS, Mr. Bicci Alli revealed that the organizations in question have rebuffed entreaties from the service to clear their outstanding tax for too long a time.

“We wrote several letters to them as required by the law, but they failed to respond. Months after letter of notice was sent to them, we also sent final demand notices but they were all ignored.

“In fact, before OIRS obtained the court orders to seal the various organisations, a letter of intention to distrain was also issued to them, but was ignored, so we were left with no choice than to seal those organisations who had evaded tax for long.”

The organisations sealed include Wema Bank, Unity Bank, Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) situated at Ikeji Arakeji among others. Mr. Bicci revealed that various organisations owe the state N30bn in taxes.

Speaking on the essence of tax payment, Mr. Bicci revealed that revenue generated helps the state government deliver public goods and services to the residents. Subsequently, he stated that the distraining exercise will be continuous and would be extended to other banks and some other recalcitrant tax corporate and non-corporate payers found guilty of owing the state government until all what is due to the state is recovered.

He noted that Governor Aregbesola has zero tolerance for tax evasion as he intends to complete all outstanding projects, adding that OIRS is set to begin criminal prosecution of all tax defaulters in the State so as to ensure that culprits are made to face the full wrath of the law.


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