Oworonshoki water front estate boosts Lagos mega city

By Providence Emmanuel

LAGOS Mega City project has been given a boost by Oworonshoki Water Front Estate located inside the Oworonshoki urban village in the central area of the state.

According to the developer,”the new estate is positioned to be new spot for foreign investors and those that love good serene environment because it is at the catchy lagoon area which is in good location to reposition Lagos state on the world map.

“Oworonshoki water front estate, the new city on the lagoon is strategically located to the island, mainland and other meaningful places in and out of Lagos, which puts it in more advantage for easy access in and outside of the waterpark.

“The on-going plan for the Oworonshoki Water Front Estate will enhance the plan and projection for the Lagos Mega City  by Governor AkinwunmiAmbode,” said the developer.

The new developing estate which has been a tourist attraction since the expansion process has the structures and landmark in this part of Lagos and its environs.

A resident at Oworonshoki said: ‘It is a welcome estate development because others cannot stand the test of time like the Oworonshoki water front estate considered by the industry watchers as the new city on the lagoon to beat and copy.

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