Online Instagram store uses Jumia deliveryman’s incident to defraud Laila’s Blog reader

Hello Laila, 

I wanted the public to know about this fake online store. @corporate_ladies_outfit_wears
I have never ever seen such scam in my life ooo. I’m laughing out of shock sef. 

So I saw 2 flat shoes I liked on Sunday April 2nd 2017. I whatsapped the number on the page, as it is stated that we should whatsapp to enquire about prices. This is the phone number 09063433296. She messged me that my bill was 17k, as you will see in the pictures attached. 

 I said I would only pay on delivery, she said they no longer do pay on delivery because of what happened to the Jumia delivery man. That their delivery is assured within 24hrs of payment. I was skeptical but paid anyway. If not for my olojukokoro greed sef. I really

didn’t need those shoes, but they were flat and pretty. So I sent the money. 

Next thing she says she did not see any alert and it’s not reflecting on her ebanking… i screen munched my debit alert and transaction successful to her. She still claimed she did not see it and claimed to go to the banking hall. She finally said it is in her account the next day and she would deliver on Wednesday. I gave her the necessary particulars for delivery and expected the parcel, no word. 

I messaged her in the evening, that young lady you said you will deliver. You should have called me if you couldnt make it based on some logistics. Lol. 

Any way na so this lady change mouth o. That their company is not delivering any order less than 25k. So I should buy extra items  to make it 25k. I said she must be joking. If she can’t deliver as promised she should return my money immediately. 

She said they do not refund until end of the month. I told her that was pure scam and I would report her to the Police, she said I should do my worst. 

Right now, I don’t mind losing the 17k but I need the public to be aware that that is a fraudulent person. I have the account number and name, but I dont believe these scammers use their own original accounts, they use accounts of naive people. 

The worse part is I sell jewelries and I used one as my dp. To see how sick she is, she stole this jewelry picture and has used it as her dp. While still begging me that she will pay me back soon. 

At a point she switched to yoruba dialect and said ” sebi omo iya niwa” ” we are from the same mother” imagine o 

She has over 1k innocent followers and if this saves just 1 person, then I’ll feel good. 

From the voices in the background, both male and female’- they are a criminal syndicate and may change the store name or they may stop using that handle for a while. 

Anyways dear shopaholics like me, be careful. Don’t be fooled by anyone saying you must pay before delivery hiding under the unfortunate Jumia incident. Note that some people are taking advantage of it.

Laila, 2 days later, she never sent me the refund and has stopped picking my calls.


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