Listen Nigeria! A revelation for the future!

15year old prophetic word for Nigeria, now coming to pass.

9th February 2002

There is a declared war over Nigeria. But the Nigerian people are fighting the wrong battle. As the hidden foe dazes the people, they rush out, guess in the air, look around but would see no one. So confusion, frustration, anger and suspicion have multiplied that neighbors are no longer neighbors but suspects and foes. But the real foe goes untouched meanwhile. This has caused deep erosion of mistrust and apathy between people and people, land and land. The enemy is a master of intrigue. Using peoples’ own weaknesses and strength against them. Intellectuals and mediocre are fooled alike in this game. The rich and the poor all groan alike. The erosion created wide gully between people and people, and between land and land. The need of the hour is a BRIDGE.

“Have you not ignored the poor and the needy at your peril? You greedy calf! Are you not feeding fat for the slaughter day, you that has robbed my people of their possession and honor”

This expose has nothing to do with political inclination of persons and regions in our beloved nation. Its a revelation that will wait for time and now.. When and how it comes to pass belongs to He that opened my eyes to see. The revelation is for correction and direction for a nation whose dazed people are looking here and there for answers for continued tragedies that befall them daily. The Lord gave this revelation for Nigeria, how and when it will come to pass, only He knows.

Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit. Mark 13:11b
A Bridge Builder For Nigeria?

The problem of Nigeria was shown to me like a big erosion that separated people from people, land from land. All peoples, services and vehicles of services were still, as it were, on the edge of the broken land, and at the center was a big wound of gully -a vast eroded land.

The President came in right into the erosion site very impressive. The sand that were poured into the gully were like drops into the ocean. With a spade, I watched Mr Obasanjo mark out 3 out of 4 places for pillars to construct a bridge to link people to people, land to land. But as he was marking out the places, his own robe was being soiled in the red earth. Like a flash, I saw a young man moving in from a clique of stand-by’s, and took the spade from Mr Obasanjo’s hand. And it was given to him!

President Obasanjo without doubt was chosen by God for a midnight role. His role appears more and more difficult as the dawn seemed far fetched. The role of making crooked ways straight. What he did before and what he is doing today are different things, the president’s good intentions seem to be ‘soiling’ at every corner. His real success may include to know when to exit for the bridge builder to come in. Mr president seems to have rightly identified the erosion site and the need for the bridge, but could not build the BRIDGE for the reason of his soiling robe and a contender.

Who is this that was allowed to take over the spade?. Will he accomplish the duty; to build the bridge to link people to people, land to land? It still calls for prayers.

Listen my people, I weep always in supplication for Nigeria, you in Nigeria have wrestled with powers higher than you, but less than nothing before the Lord. You wrestle and know not what you wrestle with. But the Spirit searches out all things. Nigeria opened the door for desolation through corporate injustice against one another, and the ax-men that amputate the limbs had a field day on the great nation.

You killed the good man and made covenant with evil that evil will not touch you. But has it eluded you? You cursed the fathers and destroyed your roots and say I have no need to respect my father for I too have become a father. But now are you respected as a father? You hated your brother and killed the one who defended you and say I will make peace with my enemies. Have you then made peace with your enemy? The Lord says Today “REPENT NIGERIA and forsake your evil ways I WILL ACCEPT YOU”

As I was beholding all these things happening to my people in pains, I was reminded of a previous revelation which will come to pass at the appointed time; This is not mine, it was given to me for Nigeria. National repentance is coming at the darkest hour. In the time of His power the people shall be willing.

God has set a time table for another chance;

As I was lifted in the Spirit to see Nigeria, a tripod nation with many branches, there was anger and anxiety all over the land. It was like a man who lost a leg, now leaning on one clutch, and at the same time, dragging with two hands. It was like a tripod pot of hot water, jolting over for the reason of loss of one leg. The spiritual Nigeria staggers for loss of balance. Those who used to be quiet were no more. The part had been sick for long and now all parts have become sick. And the Lord says “I am the Lord that raises the dead and gives limb to the lame, if you harken and obey I will hear and heal the land”

The East of Nigeria was grossly vexed in my vision, and spoke aloud of neglect, rejection and mockery by the rest of their brothers. And decided to look for own leader and own state… Suddenly I saw a ‘Zik’ who appeared and spoke well on the issues concerning the people. With words and deeds he appeared to have really comforted the people. They all shouted with one voice to him “FROM NOW ON BE OUR LEADER!”. This good man was anointed to reign and bear rule over his own people. He comforted them with great care and chosen words and as they followed him, the east was calm.

Painful Journey To Beautiful Nigeria:

As I was still watching, the people as it were, from all parts of Nigeria rose up in the same voice with the east and called on ” “NNAMDI AZIKIWE” TO LEAD THE WHOLE NATION INSTEAD”. Such magnanimity and agreement had never been in Nigeria since the civil war. Wounds were healed! Glory to God! At this all rejoiced together and said it was the Lord’s doing. The calm and peace that followed was extra-ordinary. Peace at last! All people were together amazed.

Listen my people, Nigeria is a place where talks of God is rampant on both ways; this is not the problem, but the proof is if what is said comes to pass.

Nigeria must henceforth allow anointed leaders to lead, not minding which part of Nigeria they come from. “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear Him and do what is right” Acts 10:34,35.

As I looked on I saw a lady who was overwhelmed with joy, singing a new song. Was this a new Anthem? A new anthem will sing for joy. Many were things that became new.

I wanted to know how long it will be, before the vision of the beautiful Nigeria come to pass;

Let The Sun Shine In;

From the vision of the spade, it appears that the thief will steal until the appointed time when a strongman put him to check and spoil him. And thenceforth, encourage merit at all level of the polity. Anointing breaks the yoke.

SUMMARY – 2002 Prophetic word for Nigeria’s future is coming to pass accurately;
His prophecy about Chief Obasanjo and Mr. Jonathan all came to pass accordingly.

1. Deep division like erosion upon the land, Nigeria.

2. The erosion created wide gully between people and people, and between land and land.

3. The need of the hour is a BRIDGE.

4. Now is the time – 15 years later everything is coming to pass.

5. Need to restructure and Rebuild Nigeria.

6. What the past Presidents could not do for their soiling robes, a visionary leader will do.

7. What is the major task; to build the bridge to link people to people, land to land? It still calls for prayers.

8. God has set a time table for another chance.

9. A tripod nation with many branches.

10.The East of Nigeria was grossly vexed in my vision, and spoke aloud of neglect, rejection.

11. The emergence of NNAMDI KANU is the type of NNAMDI AZIKIWE, man of influence.

12. Comforting words of NNAMDI KANU has swayed the IGBO for Biafra a provocation to Nigeria leadership of President Buhari.

13. Other Nigerians have now been influenced by Mr. Kanu’s persuasion and advocacy.

14. A painful journey to the Beautiful Nigeria.

15. Igbo leadership in the political order of the first President of Nigeria is coming.

16. Peace and progress was brokered like in the days of Zik, Awo and Bello.
17. The tripod stand and its many branches was restored.
18. New song, New flag of liberty, birth of renewed nation?

19. And thenceforth, encourage merit at all level of the polity.

20. Welcome to New Nigeria! May involve drastic change of names and nomenclatures.

By Daniel Michael Enyeribe, PhD.

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