Indigenous foods, herbs alternatives to antibiotics, says Don

By Dayo Johnson

A University teacher, Professor Tinuola Adebolu has said that  indigenous foods and herbs can serve as alternative to antibiotics.

Adebolu, of the Medical Microbiology (Infections and Immunity) department at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA who spoke during the  University’s 88th inuagural lecture said  the undesirable side effects of antibiotics called for indigenous foods and herbs to serve as alternatives.

In her lecture entitled: “Mechanisms of Adaptive Immunity and The Endless Battle Against Diarrhoeagenic Bacteria”, Adebolu said indigenous foods and herbs which are readily available in the community could be used in treating infection.

“More so that they are foods that we normally consume with no side effect. We should let food be our medicine.  They should however, be consumed as close to nature as possible, that is in their raw state.”

According to Adebolu: “Ogi”, cheese whey, honey, garlic and beniseed have antibacterial, antidiarrhoeatic, immunomodulatory and immunostimulatory effects that can be exploited in treating individuals suffering from bacterial diarrhoea, especially in rural communities where they might not have quick access to orthodox therapy.

She said raw “Ogi” used in making pap and other components are highly potent in curing diarrhoea, while arguing that this might go a long way to reduce the morbidity and mortality that accompany such illnesses, especially in children.

She  recommended same for urban dwellers saying “these materials can also be used by people dwelling in the cities as alternatives to conventional medicines.

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