Desire to have the spirit of God

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola (BOSORO)

There is a spirit people must desire to have; the spirit that prevents people from being heavy-minded. Spiritual investi-gation and study have revealed that whatever a person bears in his/her mind before going to sleep comes back to him/her as dream.

•Pastor Daramola

If a person desires to eat a parti-cular food before going to bed, it is possible for the person to dream later that he/she ate that parti-cular food in his/her sleep.

In some cases people would be troubled that somebody gave him/her food in the dream.

Whenever a person is hungry and wants to eat a particular food which he/she saw another person eating and the person could not eat it before going to bed; the eyes could have recorded it in the retina and transferred to the brain which would be played back as a dream while sleeping.

A man or woman that is nursing the spirit of adultery in his or her mind would always want to have sexual intercourse with the oppo-site sex.

When a mother or father damns her or his child occasionally, the child would caution herself or himself and to offend his or her parent.

A great Prophet of God shared his experience with me during our discussion. Why people should be wary of giving preference to worldly things than God in our minds. Since the advent of mobile phone several years ago, he the Prophet have not entered the church with his phone for service. On a particular Sunday, he came into the church with his phone and placed it in his office behind the altar. While the service was in progress, he entered his office and found many missed calls from the same number. Then he decided to call the number and got response that a member of his ministry had a fatal accident and the person was in the hospital.

Immediately, he called some of his elders and pastors to go and see the victim. He was thankful to God that if not for the phone he brought into the church, he would not know what happened to his member. After the service the people came back and gave him feedback.

About two weeks later, he came into the church with the phone again and went to his office and saw many missed calls of the same number. He dialled the number and got response that the church patronness was critically ill. He became worried because the woman was not in the church.

Meanwhile, he sent some emiss-aries to the woman in the hospital. Later, he noticed that whenever he did not come to the church with his phone, he would not get distressed missed calls.

Then he reflected and thought deeply on the matter and noticed that prior to his coming into the church with phone, he was not receiving distress calls and his church members were not en-countering problems.

Instantly, he realised his undo-ing, he stopped coming to church with phone. The implication is that the man of God had allowed the phone to be important than his life. He was having the phone because he wanted to receive distress calls. In that case, distress would come in. God knew he was putting his mind on vain things.

The spirit of God does not stay in an unsettled mind. So, a doubtful mind does not create an avenue for the spirit of God to dwell in a person’s mind. Peter, a disciple of Jesus Christ had double mind. He and other disciples saw Jesus walking on water and Peter requested if he could come, Jesus obliged him. He then stepped into the water and found he was walking and imagined himself sinking, im-mediately he started sinking until Jesus rescued him and told him he had little faith. (Matthew 14:25 -31).

Brethren let your mind be light. If a person’s mind is not light, the-re is nothing the request for that would be granted to him or her. If a person wants the spirit of God to his/her life, what is required is to relax the pressure exerted on the mind. In the process, start rejecting and forsaking certain things and allow your mind to be clean and pure to man and God.

Do not fight, endure and tolerate that anger that his coming, and the stain and insult that are coming. Do not claim to be too wise because you might event-ually be the foolish person. When all these are done then the body and mind would become lighter. Avoid telling lies, committing adultery and greed. All these are sins that make the mind to be heavy. Finally endeavour to be doing what is Godly so as to have free mind.

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