2 teenage girls, beat another girl to death and live-streamed it (Graphic Video)

Two girls, ages 17 and 16, have been arrested for beaten a 19-year-old girl to death over the weekend in Canada.

One of the assailants identified as, Chrissy Jacobs(Pictured right) and her alleged friend are currently in police custody after the beat the deceased with their bare hands and livestreamed the murder.

The horrifying video is now back and available for the mean time

GRAPHIC video of the incident can be watched here (

See Video





Simplicity..... The true mark of Genius


  1. Sadly the Intolerant Liberal atmosphere, is likely behind it ! Entitled to believe only their opinion Maters, so they Name call, Belittle and eventually resort to Violence ! Not hard for me to believe at all !. I see the mindset all around !

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