Five Best Dance Songs Mp4


Have you been having the zeal to dance?, do you just want to hit the dance floor and get that “step-up” kinda feeling but in a softer kinda way….Then we’ve got five perfect songs for you, we know how hard it is to go through over a million songs just looking for one that can make your body sway without you even noticing it.

By Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi ft Justin Beiber. This song is the bomb and can make you lose yourself on the dance floor.

2.DJ got us falling in love again.

– by Usher and pitbull. Its okay to be clueless about any dance step, the lyrics will show you the way to go. It really is amazing.

3. Cold Water- by Major Lazer ft Justin beiber.

This songs keeps me on the floor for hours and I just replay over and over again…..Yeah, you might end up with sore legs and waist aches but its worth it.

4. What Makes You Beautiful- by one direction.

. You wanna show your dance moves to that girl and also express yourself in an amazing kinda way?, this song is your way…Good luck champ, don’t break any bones.

5. Shut up and dance

by Walk the moon. The title says it all, this song has been in existence for ages but never ceases to shake up our bodies in the most exciting ways.


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