Enjoy Airtel Free Online Video Streaming For 14 Days

Airtel Ghana is giving out an unlimited offer that can be used to stream local videos without paying a dime for 14 days as long as you have an active Airtel SIM and a smartphone. You can enjoy the offer by dialing this USSD code *125*7# and login in to play.airtellive.com .
You can equally turn this video streaming offer into free browsing cheat by using a VPN app to power other applications on your phone . This means, you are no longer limited to streaming movies and other videos alone but you can also browse your favorite websites and chat on social media platforms. Just use play.airtellive.com as proxy server on AnonyTun or any other VPN app that can be edited.
According to Airtel Ghana, this offer works for android devices and maybe some other OS. It lasts for 14days and gives you access to entertainment, sports, hot/trending videos online as well as movies. However, if you weren't able to watch video contents from other websites apart from the one stipulated by airtel, you can use a VPN app to bypass that limitation.
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✔ Your registered Airtel SIM card
✔️ A smartphone (Android preferably)
✔️ The access/activation code
✔️ Web browser
✔️ The airtel free video website
Now that you have known the requirements, let's see how to enjoy this awoof.
1.) First, dial *125*7# on your smartphone to activate this plan.
2.) After that, open your favourite web browser and visit play.airtellive.com
3.) Now, you should start watching local videos for free for the next 14days. (two weeks)
I think Airtel is using this method to draw customers attention once again as the festive period is gearing up.



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