15 Millenial Pink Items We want For Our Homes

You’ve seen it everywhere: Backgrounds of inspirational Instagram quotes, Glossier’s beauty product packaging, Rihanna’s newest fashion line — this is the year of millennial pink. While design enthusiasts may know it as Scandi Pink or Rose Quartz, this soft rosy color — a crossover between blush and salmon — has been coined the color of the momentfor the Tumblr generation by New Yorkmagazine.
There might be a scientific explanation for the sudden ubiquity of this muted tint: It bears a resemblance to Baker-Miller Pink, a color that has been proven by a study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry to reduce stress and aggression. Kendall Jenner is a believer: The supermodel has recently painted her room in this shade, citing its soothing and appetite-suppressing effects.

While we are definitely not interested in curbing our desire for food, the color’s well-documented calming influence does have us intrigued. We’ve dug through the ever-growing market of millennial-pink home decor products and culled 15 buys that will make your digs look like a relaxing and trendy sanctuary.
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These squeezable silicone boxes are a chic solution for your storage needs.

Design Ideas Pink Squish Round Container, $10.97, available at Nordstrom Rack

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Tapping on this adorable alarm clock might be a much better way to wake than swiping the alarm on your phone.

Newgate Covent Garden Alarm Clock, $35, available at Burke Decor

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This coaster expresses our simple wants and needs as human beings.

OldEnglishCo Buy Me Pizza Coaster, $3.79, available at Etsy

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Maybe it’s just us, but doesn’t the pink color make this mohair throw look extra snuggly?

Sue Parkinson Foxford Mohair Cut Fringe Trouva, $115, available at Trouva


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If the color isn’t calming enough for you, the scent will surely do the trick.

Simons Maison Wow Candle, $18, available at Simons

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If you’re not comfortable decking out your room in monotone pink, this statement piece is a great baby step.

Anna Jacobs Afternoon Dreaming Lamp Shade, $67, available at Amara

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This throwback charger is a fun nod to Drake’s single, which also features cover art in this very color.

Wattzup Power Hotline Bling Charger, $40, available at Nordstrom

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Cute and easy to care for, this radiator plant is an instant mood enhancer for your work space.

The Sill Peperomia and Jules, $40, available at The Sill

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This pink thermal mug makes a tongue-in-cheek proclamation while keeping your beverage warm.

Ban.do BFF Deluxe Thermal Mug, $18, available at Bloomingdale’s


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The Holy Grail of cookware is also in on the trend.

Le Creuset Hibiscus Pink French Ovens with Lid, $330, available at Crate and Barrel

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This funky print has an eye-catching color combo that will spice up your wall.

The Arts Capsule Ink Print, $149, available at West Elm

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A very Instagram-friendly home for your real — and fake — blooms.

Hawke & Thorn Parker Small Vase, $40.92, available at Crowdy House

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Pink curtains are a great way to introduce more light into your room.

Anthropologie Parker Curtain, $58, available at Anthropologie

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The soft hue makes this dinnerware set feel extra fancy.

Neiman Marcus Pink Brushstroke Dinnerware, $195, available at Neiman Marcus

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This colorful tie-dye towel will make a splash at the beach — and at home.

AEO Tie-Dye Circle Beach Towel, $19.95, available at American Eagle Outfitters

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